Food industry consultant, specialized in gluten-free food and special diets (diabetic, celiac-diabetic, protein-free, high protein)

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«We must feel and be free to be able to reach important goals.»

I am a chemical and I am specialized in food industry with a focus on the gluten-free food and special diets (diabetic, celiac-diabetic, protein-free, high protein).
Often involved in the start-ups and restructuring’s projects, I worked in the field of frozen pizzas (Food Invest – Teramo), biscuits (Lazzaroni – Teramo), industrial bakery (Dina Foods Limited – London), pasta (pasta factory Ceres – Matera; Molisana – Campobasso, De Matteis – Avellino), gluten-free pasta (Garofalo – Naples; Molino di Ferro – Treviso; Molino Andriani – Bari).

I currently work as consultant for several companies operating in the industry of gluten-free products (dry pasta, fresh pasta, mixtures of flours for sweet and savory biscuits and pizzas) and products for free-protein diets, diabetic and celiac diabetics (pasta dry and fresh pasta). I am supervising also the production and research and development’s activities for flaking and extrusion of gluten-free cereal and the process for the realization of gelatinized flour and breading for gluten-free foods (at Speziali Antenore – Mantova).


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«Description and comparison of technologies
for the production of gluten- free pasta.»

written by Patrizia Cristallo

Published on Pasta e Pastai, n.109, november 2014

The word of gluten free pasta is becoming more and more interesting and newsworthy for the Italian producers.

But what is pushing the word of the Italian pasta producers and not the only one to be more interested in this new type of pasta that with the well known pasta has in common only the shape?

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Research and Development

Realization of diet products so called “clean label”, characterized by low-glycemic index (Glicemic Index Tested) and multi nutritional properties and innovative raw substances, that prevent the “nutrition” monotony of mono cereals (wheat first, corn and rice now).


Analysis and assessment of “Product Quality” in its entirety.
In particular, management of the documents related to various voluntary standards (ISO, IFS, BRC, AIC, Organic, Kosher, Halal) and not (HACCP).

New ingredients and new technologies

Development of systems using only gluten-free fresh pasta and without the use of any additive.
Application of new technological adjuvants for the obtaining of products with an excellent texture, but also with qualitatively very high nutritional content and calorie count.

System Management

Planning and management of plants and production processes in the gluten free food industry. Analysis of gluten-free ingredients during its manufacturing and processing. Design of plants for realization of gluten-free fresh pasta, made of flours and no additive. Implementation of new technology for realization of products with excellent texture and nutritional and calorie count high quality.

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